Vegan Buffalo Bites


These Buffalo Bites are the vegan version of chicken wings. Juicy and flavorful.  Full of the right amount of spice and pairs perfectly with vegan ranch dip.


The craving for these babies is unreal. Once you make them you cannot stop! The recipe is simple and only has 5 ingredients, excluding the ranch and veggies.

Buffalo Bites:
1 block extra firm tofu
½ c – 1 c cornstarch (for coating tofu, add as you go)
Olive oil for frying (coat pan lightly)


½ c + 1 tbsp Texas Pete’s (or similar hot sauce)
2 tbsp coconut oil (melted)
2 tbsp corn starch

Vegan Ranch *

Get Cooking:
1) Drain and press tofu to get rid of excess water. Cut tofu into julienned strips.
2) Start with ½ c cornstarch spread on a plate and roll tofu until gently coated.
3) Coat large pan with olive oil and arrange coated tofu evenly. Cook until brown and then flip, approximately 5 minutes each side. We used tongs to make flipping easier.


1) Microwave coconut oil until melted (20-30 seconds).
2) Add Texas Pete’s hot sauce and cornstarch until well mixed.IMG_2834
3) Dip each tofu ‘Buffalo Bite’ and thoroughly coat in sauce mixture and serve with ranch and veggies!
4) Pour remaining sauce atop of all ‘bites’.

Check out Veganized Ranch by clicking the link Vegan Ranch *

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